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Quality Assurance



Localize Core is always striving to improve its services to ensure all our clients enjoy the benefits of a quality service.
We work with professionally trained translators who are Arabic native speakers and live in Arab world.


:: Our Work Flow ::


Throughout this process, the translator pays attention to the following:

1) Appropriate industry terminology, terminology provided and terminology consistency throughout the translation.
2) Grammar, including syntax, spelling, punctuation.
3) Lexical cohesion and phraseology.
4) Compliance with any style guide issued for the work, including register and  language variants.
5) Formatting, i.e. the formatting of the target language document matches that of the source language document.
6) Intended readership and purpose of the translation.




Localize Core is an Egyptian company, established in 2015, specializing in bilingual solutions, offering services such as translation, editing, proofreading, localization, testing and desktop publishing.

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